Kampot Pepper PGI Khemara

Herbaceous aroma and the pleasant, woody scent of beech

14.90 CHF

For this first “Limited Winter Edition” of Khemara Black Kampot Pepper Cold Smoked we used beech, a classic among the smoking woods. Beech infuses a well-defined, gentle woody scent and nicely mingles with the elegant, herbaceous aroma and the notes of mint, eucalyptus, and some jasmine of Black Kampot Pepper.


Surprise your taste buds and those of your family and friends with this differently great pepper. Its pleasant smoke note blends well with many meat preparations, fatty fish, cooked or raw, melted cheese specialties and winter vegetables vegetable, cooked, or served as raw salads.


“The Smoky black” will add a special touch to some of your classics and further enhance your culinary creativity.


This is truly a different great pepper unlike any other you have ever experienced before.

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Weight 53 g