Do you know how responsible your pepper is?

Would you go 12.000 km to put your savings and create jobs in a precarious structural and economic framework to eventually exploit your farmers, poison the environment, and cheat on your customers?

After 6 years spent to establish and grow Khemara Pepper Gardens, we did learn that the line between cheating and committing, exploiting and caring, poisoning and preserving is very thin. We learned that social responsibility and sustainability are far more than a label or a set of rules.

Have you ever wondered where does your pepper come from? How it grows and how it is processed? How much work there is in a finished peppercorn? Who are the people who take care of this time-consuming job? How do their working conditions and lives look like?

Khemara Pepper comes to your table with the commitment of answering all these questions in person. Social responsibility and sustainability are a mindset and the result of respect and foresight, not a marketing performance or a speculative bet.

Listen to Khemara Pepper and taste the unique Red Kampot, the late harvest of ripe pepper berries. Its fruity flavor combines a mild pungency with notes of caramel, honey, red fruits, and a hint of tobacco. It refines tomato-based sauces, enriches strong-flavored meat like game, lamb and duck, as well as fatty fish; crowns vanilla and chocolate custards and sweet fruits like an eating-ripe mango.

This is truly a pepper unlike any other you have ever experienced before. All year long.

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