Treat me gently: At the right time, the right way and with the right mill

If peppercorns could raise their voice against the mistreatments that they often undergo, the universal declaration of pepper rights would likely sound like this:

  1. Keep us away from humidity, light, and air! This will preserve our essential oils and our color, and we will stay fit longer.
  2. Do not throw the three of us in the same pepper mill! We are children of the same plant but each of us has a distinct personality and gives its best playing solo. I bet you don’t mix red, white and rosé wine in one glass, do you?
  3. Freshly grind us on the finished dish when at the table! If you cook us, we will lose much of our flavor.
  4. Grind us fine or extra fine! We will impart the greatest amount of flavor to your dishes and enhance their flavor.
  5. Don’t be shy! Our pungency is rather moderate and if you sprinkle us generously our rich aromas will express at their best.

Khemara brings to you the finest pepper in the world, and this great pepper deserves a great peppermill. After careful assessment, we decided to offer you a small choice of great mills which will allow you to enhance your Kampot Pepper experience.

Le Moulin d’Olivier Roellinger”, style and substance in a vintage-inspired grinder that looks unlike any other.
Paris U’Select”, elegant and functional flagship mill that allows you to simply choose the pepper coarseness that is best suited to your culinary creations: In the three colors of Kampot Pepper.

A must for every pepper connoisseur and a tasteful gift: https://khemarapepper.com/khemara-shop/

Roberto E. Forte – Benno Schildknecht – Dieter Ulmann
and the Khemara Pepper Gardens Team in Cambodia


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