Kampot Pepper – The Finest Pepper in the World!

Take part in a true story and taste a pepper that makes the difference!

We started up and grew Khemara Pepper Gardens to produce the finest pepper in the world. We wanted our pepper to have faces, voices and a home, instead of being an anonymous commodity like most of the pepper which lands on our tables.

Eventually the pepper came. Many of you gave it a try, and yes, the rich herbal and fruity aromas of Kampot Pepper surprised and conquered you. Thanks for supporting Khemara’s story so far and in such difficult times!

With the Christmas Season approaching we are reaching out to old and new friends: Experience the finest Kampot Pepper and surprise your family, colleagues, clients and friends with a different gift of unparalleled aromaticity and certified origin. It truly makes a difference!

Take part in a true story: It can be continued only thanks to your friendship.

Follow and contact us: We are happy to hear from you and to take your orders and special wishes. Very soon in our Online Shop you will find a selection of pepper mills which will enhance your Kampot Pepper experience.

Benno Schildknecht – Dieter Ulmann – Roberto E. Forte
and the Khemara Pepper Gardens’s Team in Cambodia

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