Make It Sweeter with Khemara Pepper’s Signature Dessert

Make It Sweeter with Khemara Pepper’s Signature Dessert

Does sweet pepper sound contradictory to you? Not when Red Kampot Pepper PGI comes on stage. Indeed, the unique Red Kampot Pepper, the product of late harvests of ripe and overripe berries of the pepper vine, combines a mild pungency with a surprising fruity flavor.

To make it even sweeter Khemara is sharing with you its Signature Dessert: Farm Eggs’ Zabaione Cream and Mango Bites Crusted with Red Kampot Pepper.

The rich, creamy, and airy all at the same time texture of Zabaione perfectly pairs with the fleshy texture of ripen mangoes and its fresh, floral, piney aroma. And the mildly pungent notes of honey, red fruits, and some vanilla of Red Kampot Pepper perfectly “hug” and enhance the flavors of Zabaione and mango.

Looking for tips and tricks? Not many actually, but crucial: Get organic farm eggs, one for each person; Use a good dry Marsala wine; Incorporate some mascarpone for extra rich and creamy consistency. Only pick eating-ripe mangoes; Generously sprinkle with thinly grinded Khemara Red Kampot; Be patient and passionate when you prepare it.

This is truly a pepper-dessert unlike any other you have ever experienced before: A feast for your eyes and taste buds. A perfect crowning for your Christmas and New Year menus. And if you did not get the Red yet, you are still on time to have it delivered at home by Christmas: THE RED – Khemara – Kampot Pepper. Fruity, warm, seductive (khemarapepper.com)

Finally, allow us to turn our thoughts to all those people, families, and communities who are paying a higher toll to the Coronavirus, who lost their lives, their loved ones, their jobs and stories or are struggling to keep them. And to all who have the responsibility to take care of us no matter how responsible we are.

Our journey with Khemara has so far taught us that Our Pepper can only be as responsible as we are, and that respect and compassion are powerful, though underestimated tools to build up resilience.

Khemara wishes you peaceful, responsible, and healthy Christmas Festivities.

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